My passion has always been helping others. I’m the friend people have always come to for advice. When I was younger, I often considered a career as a therapist. As an empath, I was afraid it would be difficult for me to hear traumatic experiences for a living every day. I considered other passions, but a lot of those are the kinds that you are told are a long shot and it probably won’t work out. I let fear get the best of me and took on a career that was “safer” and more “reasonable.” At one point, I started taking classes toward something that sounded more exciting to me and a friend scared me off by explaining how difficult it would be to make it in that business, so I dropped it. I let fear take away so many chances. But no more!!

After being completely beaten down by life (i.e. a psychologically abusive ex), I was left in a state of utter confusion. The lies, manipulations, and Jekyll and Hyde shenanigans took a toll on my reality. I didn’t know which way was up anymore and was in a very dark place. I had lost myself fighting for him and trying to help him, no matter how much it was harming me. And in the broken moments afterward, I realized I had to fight for myself. More than ever. The following months were filled with more introspection, research, and change than my entire life combined. Then, a simple lunch with a new friend changed my life even more. While trading stories about our lives, I found out that she had gotten burned out on the same career and had always wanted to help people. Hmmmm, sounds eerily familiar. She told me that she was going back to school to be a therapist and recommended the school and program highly. She suggested I check it out and I did as soon as I got home.

I felt something pulling me and as soon as I saw the Life Coaching program, I felt so drawn to it. I had no idea why. I didn’t even fully understand what life coaching was at that moment. Synchronicity won and I was enrolled that same week. Scrolling through Instagram, I realized I was already following a couple of life coaches. I just liked their positivity when I followed. I had no idea they were coaches. I started researching ravenously and learning everything I could. I felt like I was home. I had found my purpose. Now my goal is to empower as many people as possible to find theirs as well.