And so it begins...

I am creating this blog, because I've been through some very dark times and have felt so isolated and alone trying to claw my way out of them. It's a lot for one person to deal with. So I am sharing stories, insight, etc. in hopes of reaching people who may be going through something hard or something similar, so they feel some sort of connection. It can help so much to know that you're not alone and that someone else has been there and pushed through. Things get better. Life is all about the change of seasons. Things get tough at times, but they pass and then life is wonderful again. And PLEASE hold on to that thought!! If you can make this a core belief and remember that they ALWAYS pass, you can focus on hope. I want to help the setbacks pass more quickly for anyone and everyone possible, to help you experience more of the wonderful. 💕 


This blog will document some of the most important pieces of my journey to date. Last year contained betrayals and heartbreak that led to a complete 180 for me. My life changed more in a few short months, than it has in any five year period before it. This will absolutely contain some difficult and uncomfortable moments, but it is about positivity and how you can overcome anything and make it through to the other side with infinitely more strength than before. My plan is to open up and pour myself out completely. There are lots of thoughts, ideas, and feelings that we keep quiet for many different reasons. And much to my dismay, I've done a lot of it. I've kept quiet to protect people that didn't deserve it. It stops now. Fear will not prevent me from living my truth out loud anymore. I'm disgusted that I let someone cause that kind of fear in my life. I was full of good intentions. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I want everyone to see that other people have similar thoughts, issues, experiences and it's ok to have them. I don't want anyone to feel alone with their darkness. Let it out. Confront it. And grow stronger in spite of it. Your biggest failures, heartbreaks, etc. lead to the biggest positive changes. I am hoping this will be mutually beneficial for me and anyone who reads my blog. Feel free to contact me. To vent. For comfort. For love. Just to say hi. Community is important. Positive fellowship makes such a huge difference in our lives.